Homegrown inhouse open source system to manage asset information and track asset using any web browser. Features includes: - Record the asset’s cost information, as required by your procurement system and fixed asset management system - Track depreciation on fixed assets - Record the asset’s physical information, e.g. model, serial number, specs, manufacturer - Record and update the people who have custody of the asset at any point of time - Alert if the asset hasn’t been touched for a certain period of time - Provide a chain of custody for the asset throughout its life - Attach the contractual details of the asset, including lease, software agreements - Provide the information any time on where this asset is located physically and organizationally - Provide alert on maintenance schedule - Provide customized reports as defined by users - Connect with barcode readers to update the asset audit information - Connect with mobile devices - Provide an exhaustive list of asset disposal options, including reuse and redeployment, resell, and recycle - Connect with network auto discovery tools to constantly reconcile with asset inventory database - Integrate with providers of electronics recycling services to attach certificates and disposal reports to the assets